Pizza Coupons & Athiests

I read the news today oh boy, about an athiest who said he was discriminated against because a pizza joint in Searcy, Arkansas offered a 10% discount to anyone who brought in a church bulletin. The athiest had no church bulletin because he doesn't go to church therefore he said the little pizza shop had discriminated against him. 

Question #1 Is it discrimination against non-subscribers to offer a pizza coupon in the newspaper?

Question #2 Is it discrimination when coupons are handed out at the mall and everyone in town is not able to be there?

Question #3 How hard would it be for this athiest to drop by the nearest church and ask for an old bulletin?

Question #4 Is this athiest just a hater looking for an excuse to attack church-goers?

Question #5 What kind of money are we talking about with a 10% discount on a pizza?

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