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Mike Anthony McBeasty has always loved rock music. He grew up playing drums in several rock bands and has always longed to work in rock radio. In 2010, Mike had a job he could retire from at a factory, but wanted to do something different. He took a risk and went back to school, this time for broadcasting. Mike graduated broadcasting school in 2011 and took another risk. He left the factory and immediately started working in radio in Kerrville. He has worn almost every hat in the radio business, from account executive to morning show host to even operations manager. Mike took yet another risk last summer and left his position as operations manager. He had a vision about getting the XBOX controllers out of peoples' hands and started doing a Saturday show on Rev-FM called "Operation Get Off The Couch", a show to inform Rev-FM listeners about all of the events going on in the community. Mike recently came to Rev-FM full time and is the Midday host weekdays from 11-3. He focuses his show on community events mixed with weird news, stupid criminals and good old classic rock music.


It was awesome having Chad Collins in the studio today! He won the karaoke championship at Southway Pub a couple weeks ago and after you hear his version of Audioslave - I Am The Highway you'll understand why!

Left to right: Chad Collins, Mike McBeasty, Jeremy

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Mike has his own website. Here is the link... www.mcbeasty.com

Favorite Songs

Shinedown - Simple Man, Five Finger Death Punch - Never Enough, Papa Roach - Last Resort, Beastie Boys - Girls, Nirvana - Lithium, Sick Puppies - You’re Going Down, Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon, Green Jelly - Three Little Pigs, Hollywood Undead - Everywhere I go.

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