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Harley David Belew’s first taste of rock was when his kid brother hit him in the head with one. For several days Harley could hear a low volume Jim Morrison soliloquy in his head. Once his Mom removed the headphones from his ears that cleared right up. But, it made him realize that, when plugged in, his headphones took him to his happy place. He was intent on finding a line of work where he could wear headphones and go to his happy place daily. Which he does on Classic Rock 94.3 RevFM. That rock to the head explains a lot about his show. See if you agree.


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The singer of Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer called into The Harley Show this morning.. Here is what Dr. Elmo had to say.

Favorite Songs

I have so many favorites I could go on for days but, no matter how many times I hear these songs I never get tired of them: Any Time At All- Beatles, Everything Is Coming Our Way- Santana, Melissa- Allman Brothers, Rockaria- ELO, This Is Love- George Harrison, Theme To An Imaginary Western- Mountain, Wild Horses- Rolling Stones, Lonely Boy- Iron Butterfly, Who Do You Love- Quicksilver, Like A Rolling Stone- Bob Dylan

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