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Mike Taylor (McBeasty) is your midday jock at Rev-FM. He grew up just outside of St. Louis (22 miles from Ferguson) and got to Texas as soon as he could (back in 2003). He loves rock music and riding his motorcycle around the Hill Country. He also loves hearing from listeners... Rock on!


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Mike has his own website. Here is the link... www.mcbeasty.com

Favorite Songs

Shinedown - Simple Man, Beastie Boys - Girls, ZZ Top - Tush, Ozzy Osbourne - Dreamer, DIO - Holy Diver

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Glenn Taylor

Glenn Taylor


Born in Kerrville, Texas, raised in Bandera, with a healthy appetite for music (as well as chicken fried steaks),I have largely gravitated toward A.O.R.(album oriented rock).I have always been a rocker, even though my radio career has taken me to numerous country and Texas Music formats. I am happy to say that I learned from some of the best "old school" jocks in Texas. Co- workers like Steve Coffman and Ron Houston (may they rest in peace) taught me how to be a personable radio host, rather than a run of the mill "liner jock" that litter most of today's airwaves. I was also heavily influenced by Joe Anthony, "The Godfather of Rock and Roll", mainly because of his passion for the music he loved and promoted across the San Antonio airwaves. I also have to give a nod to the legendary Wolfman Jack and W.K.R.P. for getting me interested in this crazy business. God knows it has not always been an easy road to travel, but here I am, finally getting a chance to do what I feel I was born to do...program the music for a rock station! I Hope you will tune in, not only for my show, but anytime you need a shot of classic rock that really rocks! I know you have a choice, so I pride myself in programming Rev FM from a music lovers standpoint, rather than from a cold corporate boardroom. Tune in and taste the difference!

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Favorite Songs


Check out this broadcast of RUSH 2112 & LIMELIGHT IN RIO!

Walter Reed

The Final Score Saturday Mornings 10-11AM

Walter Reed


When you listen to Tivy Sports Events Walter Reed is the guy that keeps it fun! He is also co-host of the Final Score Saturday Mornings 10-11AM on RevFM. Always energetic and fun-loving Walter's light shines everywhere he goes. He loves people of all ages but, has a special place in his heart for kids. His day job is Clinical Director at Heart of the Hills Osteoporosis Center but, sports is his passion. He was a dedicated student athlete. As an adult he's a sports fanatic. In fact, in 1971 Walter was named the Piston's Fan of the Year. He served as Press Boy for the Detroit Tigers and was in the stands when Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's Home Run record. Walter once got to walk around in a pair of his hero, Coach Bo Schembechler's boots- courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys! By the way, Walter also loves horse racing and he's fond of chickens. (His wife Annette's chicken Parmesan, that is.) Speaking of food, Walter is anxious to try Prairie Jack rabbit stew but, he hasn't been able to catch one yet. (He's not as fast as he used to be.) With Walter Reed there's never a dull moment!

Walter Reed and Johnny

Favorite Songs

The Victors

Dr. Doppler


Dr. Doppler


CARY BurgessAs far as we know, Cary Burgess is the only Meteorologist who is native to Kerrville. Cary is the Weatherman for the entire Revolution Broadcasting 6 station Network. His day starts early and on bad weather days he works late into the night tracking fronts and dramatic changes in our area weather. He works tirelessly so you'll know what to expect from our constantly changing Texas weather. He's more than earned the title; "Dr. Doppler". His forecasts are also carried in the Kerrville newspaper and on TV in Lubbock! Cary Burgess is the most respected Meteorologist in the Hill Country and West Texas.

Favorite Songs

Stormy Weather, Texas Flood, Rain, Good Day Sunshine, Hazy Shade of Winter, Like a Hurricane, Let It Rain, Summer Rain, Couldn’t Stand the Weather, Sunny Afternoon, Uncloudy Day, Who’ll Stop the Rain?

Seth Belew

KRVL 94.3 Rev FM: Mon.-Fri., 6-9am. KERV 1230 AM: Sat., 7:30-8am. KMBL 1450 AM: Mon.-Fri., 2-6pm.

Seth Belew


Seth Belew was born in Houston, TX, and although he lived in both North Carolina and New York, he grew up right here in the Texas Hill Country. He graduated from Grace Christian School in Kerrville in 2005, and while attending college he met his wife Brandy Blevins.
Having always been around radio since day one, Seth inevitably ended up there himself. Starting off running the boards for football games, then to station remotes, he finally moved up to being on air. In the early mornings Seth works alongside his father, on The Harley Show, and in the afternoons he hosts his own show at Rev's sister station KMBL 1450 AM.
You can listen in every Saturday morning at 7:30 am, to Tune & Tweet, on KERV 1230 AM. He talks sports, news, entertainment, media, automotive, or whatever. Chime in and voice your opinion by Tweeting Seth during his show. You never know... you might choose his next topic!

Favorite Songs

  Working on both a Classic Rock station and a Country station, you would think I prefer bands like The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Bob Seger. But I prefer The Traveling Wilburys, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Hank Williams, and Billy Joe Shaver. It could be the simplicity of their styles or just my quirky taste. Either way, when I hear great music, I crank it all the way up to #11. That’s why I can enjoy the newer bands like Boots Electric, Wolfmother, Jamiroquai, The Eagles of Death Metal, and The White Stripes. They might not be classic rock, but even the Rolling Stones were brand new at some point!


If you ask me…there can only be ONE, number one super-group!

Harley David Belew

Join Harley 6-9am weekdays for Police Blotter News, Texas Trivia, Weird News, The Smart Pill, Today In History, and more.

Harley David Belew



Harley David Belew’s first taste of rock was when his kid brother hit him in the head with one. For several days Harley could hear a low volume Jim Morrison soliloquy in his head. Once his Mom removed the headphones from his ears that cleared right up. But, it made him realize that, when plugged in, his headphones took him to his happy place. He was intent on finding a line of work where he could wear headphones and go to his happy place daily. Which he does on Classic Rock 94.3 RevFM. That rock to the head explains a lot about his show. See if you agree.


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The singer of Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer called into The Harley Show this morning.. Here is what Dr. Elmo had to say.

Favorite Songs

I have so many favorites I could go on for days but, no matter how many times I hear these songs I never get tired of them: Any Time At All- Beatles, Everything Is Coming Our Way- Santana, Melissa- Allman Brothers, Rockaria- ELO, This Is Love- George Harrison, Theme To An Imaginary Western- Mountain, Wild Horses- Rolling Stones, Lonely Boy- Iron Butterfly, Who Do You Love- Quicksilver, Like A Rolling Stone- Bob Dylan

Coach Keller

Weekday mornings 6:20, 7:20, 8:20 & Saturday Sports Wrap-Up - 10-11am

Coach Keller


Mark Keller is a sports reporter and Play-By-Play announcer for Tivy Athletics. He is often referred to as "The Voice of the Tivy Antlers". Sports is in the Keller blood. Mark and his brother John are both coaches. His son is a rising tennis champion.

Away from the station I am a PE teacher and coach for Notre Dame Catholic School. I love Friday nights (especially when it turns cooler) and calling Tivy Antler football. My color analyst (Walter Reed) and I have been together for 10+ years. We hope you enjoy the broadcast and if you have any suggestions feel free to drop me an email.

Coach Keller

Mark and Johnny
Coach Mark Keller and Johnny Manziel take a break from the Heisman Awards.

Favorite Songs

We are the champions - Queen

Yea, thats right, get ya some!!!!

Today’s Viral Video

Here's How to Steal Pizza from Your Friends Without Them Noticing

A YouTube channel called DaveHax has more than 115 million total views.  And it's basically just a guy who posts how-to videos and "life hacks" . . . like his newest one, where he shows how to steal pizza from your friends without anyone noticing.

It only works with a pizza that hasn't been cut yet.  Basically, you cut a strip out of the middle . . . keep that for yourself . . . and put the two remaining halves back together.

Then you spin it 90 degrees, and cut another strip out of the middle, so what you're serving still looks like a perfectly round pizza.  THEN you cut it into slices.

You end up with a smaller pizza, but the point is no one will notice.  (Search for "DaveHax – How to Steal Pizza.")

How to Steal Pizza - The Perfect Crime

Feel Good Segment

A Guy Falls Through the Ice on a Lake . . . While Firefighters Are Practicing Ice Rescue Drills Nearby

On Saturday, a guy in New York was walking across a frozen lake in Central Park around 1:00 in the afternoon, and fell through the ice.  (He hasn't been identified.)

And if no one had seen it happen, he probably would have died.  But luckily, several people DID see it . . . and they happened to be FIREFIGHTERS.

It turned out a group of them were doing ice-rescue drills in the SAME LAKE, and they were already in their gear.

So they were able to get to him in less than three minutes, and an ambulance took him to the hospital, where he was treated for hypothermia.

According to a spokesman, they actually saw him walking and tried to warn him that the ice was too thin, but it was too late.  They also say he was incoherent, and may have been drinking.

(NBC New York / NY1 / CBS New York)


Five Random Facts

Here are some random facts for you . . .

FULL STORY:  Here are some random facts for you . . .

1.  People have only been using the word "wasted" to describe someone who's drunk since the late 1960s.  Meanwhile, "high" has been used since 1627.

2.  It's possible that BEETHOVEN had an irregular heartbeat . . . which influenced the innovative and unique rhythms in his compositions.

3.  More traffic to porn sites came from phones and tablets last year than from computers.

4.  Florida . . . the Sunshine State . . . has more indoor tanning salons than McDonald's locations.

5.  Even though Nevada is most famous for its legalized gambling, it doesn't have a lottery.  Lotteries have been illegal in Nevada since the state's constitution was ratified in 1864.

(The Atlantic / University of Michigan / Mashable / Jama / Las Vegas Sun)

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