Dr. Doppler


Dr. Doppler


CARY BurgessAs far as we know, Cary Burgess is the only Meteorologist who is native to Kerrville. Cary is the Weatherman for the entire Revolution Broadcasting 6 station Network. His day starts early and on bad weather days he works late into the night tracking fronts and dramatic changes in our area weather. He works tirelessly so you'll know what to expect from our constantly changing Texas weather. He's more than earned the title; "Dr. Doppler". His forecasts are also carried in the Kerrville newspaper and on TV in Lubbock! Cary Burgess is the most respected Meteorologist in the Hill Country and West Texas.

Favorite Songs

Stormy Weather, Texas Flood, Rain, Good Day Sunshine, Hazy Shade of Winter, Like a Hurricane, Let It Rain, Summer Rain, Couldn’t Stand the Weather, Sunny Afternoon, Uncloudy Day, Who’ll Stop the Rain?

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