Coach Keller

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Coach Keller


Mark Keller is a sports reporter and Play-By-Play announcer for Tivy Athletics. He is often referred to as "The Voice of the Tivy Antlers". Sports is in the Keller blood. Mark and his brother John are both coaches. His son is a rising tennis champion.

Away from the station I am a PE teacher and coach for Notre Dame Catholic School. I love Friday nights (especially when it turns cooler) and calling Tivy Antler football. My color analyst (Walter Reed) and I have been together for 10+ years. We hope you enjoy the broadcast and if you have any suggestions feel free to drop me an email.

Coach Keller

Mark and Johnny
Coach Mark Keller and Johnny Manziel take a break from the Heisman Awards.

Favorite Songs

We are the champions - Queen

Yea, thats right, get ya some!!!!

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